Getting a Big Thrill Out of the Mario Games

Who does not know Mario? He must be one of the very first game characters ever to gain worldwide prominence. Nintendo created the game Mario which was then being sold in cartridges to be played in the Nintendo Family Computer. Soon enough, there were Mario  games for the entire newer, better, and even for the portable consoles that Nintendo has released.

Mario is loved by many because this game is adventure-rich, challenging, and very entertaining. It can provide hours of fun for the whole family. The Super Mario Games are obstacle, jumping, and shooting platform Mario games invented by Japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto. With the character soaring popularity, three versions were created for the main game and 200 in all others genres combined. There has been role-playing Super Mario games, fighting games, racing, puzzle, and sports.

Mario is regarded to be a stocky little character with a moustache. He was an Italian plumber by profession and is part of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has a brother who is tall and skinny, Luigi. Distinct editions of this game were released for different countries. In certain versions, Mario evil enemy is King Bowser who kidnaps Princess Peach. Mario task is to save her. In other version, the King is named Koopa and the Princess is Toadstool.

Because of Mario popularity, he not only appears in games anymore but in merchandise, films, TV shows, and comics. Mario was designed to be just an addition to Donkey Kong, until the makers has decided to feature him in a game of his own. That is when the famed Super Mario games came to be and the rest is history.

Super Mario games, although they have seen various upgrades in programming and graphics over time, have used the same skills and controls for playing the game. As Nintendo improves the console, the Mario games get even better. Since 1981, Mario has gone through 12 different enhancements. Several editions initially were made for the Nintendo Family Computer, then to the 3D, 2.5D, the portables, and eventually to the new Nintendo Wii.

To play Mario, one has to control him and make him jump and run through game field. Each level proposes special obstacles that Mario has to finish. His goal is to reach the Kingdom with a flag on the other end without falling prey to the evil King men. Mario would have to stomp at enemies or shoot at them to eliminate them and power enhancers situated in the question mark blocks all through game course may be found. Mario uses those to defend himself.

Mario is the type of game that both kids and adults can enjoy. It is an engaging game and each stage is a challenge to complete. Once you get the hang of it, the full game can be completed in several hours, although some versions do require a few days worth of playing time. These editions of Super Mario games include the save option in the game so that players can continue where they left off.